Saturday, January 24, 2009

sk kuala muput

setelah bergelar guru, sk kuala muput is the first place i've been posting.skola ni terletak di daerah kecil Tatau bkn Taktau HEHEH.kalo cr dlm peta mmg x jumpe la.kawasan ni kawasan p3 mean elaun ak je da rm1500,kayo den kayo hanya Allah je tau inside my heart huhuhu.dkt Muput i got to know 3 new frens plus my crime partner in ukm mc syaaa.kire x bsn la sb krg2 ade kwn gak.

have been in Muput for 3 weeks, in that time i have go through many xperiences.tears and laughing become my daily routine.i/m miss my family sooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhh,this is the first time i'm being away from my family huhuhu.i'm miss talking to my mum,listen to my father advice also gossiping wif my sisters.

but the good thing happen in Muput is that my craving for food is tooo muchhh.but i'm lucky bcoz i've 2 lovely sisters kak yana n kak afi that ready to fulfill my crazy n mengada intentions.selera mkn ak kat sn bertambah-tambah tak tau kenapa.but yg pasti 2 org akak tu mmg best.

my cooking skills also improved hahahaha.i knoe howto make roti telur cheese and roti sardin.this is one of the higlight since i'm here hahaaha.

da 2 mg ak x mengajar sb sklh ak dilanda banjir yg amat bsr.this flood usually happen 6 to 8 times a year.this is my first xprience being through this.

new life new beginning

this is my first posting since i have this blog.didnt know how to start bcoz i'm not good in writing.
its been a long journey for me after i finish my studies at ukm.have been working for 6 month before start studying back to be a teacher. can't imagine this bcoz i've never dream to end up being a teacher huhuhuh.after a year i'm under training to be a teacher, i've been posting to the state that i've never been before which is bumi words can describe wat i feel.anger,sad,dissapointed and also excited to go there.